nantucket; brant light house; a beautiful mess bicycle

I was absolutely determined to take a day trip to Nantucket while we were on Martha’s Vineyard, despite the rivalry between the two islands. So on one of those tiny 6-seater airplanes we flew, for a little jaunt over to ACK! I think I can now safely say we are definitely more Vineyard people than Nantucket, but the bike riding, endless hydrangeas, Cisco Brewery picnic, and Brant Point Lighthouse trip were definitely highlights of our entire week.

brant point lighthouse nantucket

striped yellow polo ralph lauren oxford; blue anchor buoy shorts j crew

Oxford, Polo Ralph Lauren [similar striped//similar solid] | Shorts, J. Crew [similar] | Anchor bracelets, KJP; Oh Buoy Boston | Belt, vintage

rope anchor bracelets; nautical hairties

nantucket lighthouse tour

Brant Point Light was first constructed in 1746, and is still in operation! Probably the most famous of the three lighthouses on the island, it really was one of the most picturesque of our whole tour, and I would have been more than content to sit on its beach all day.nantucket hydrangeas photography

classic nantucket homes; colonial flag

nantucket bike shop

bike riding on nantucket

nantucket atheneum; henry and sloane

nantucket harbor

picnic at cisco brewers

cisco brewery tour

Have you traveled to Nantucket? What are your favorite things about the island?


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17 responses to “MVY –> ACK

  1. I would’ve freaked out going on that tiny airplane! Your shorts are adorable!

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    Forever 21 Giveaway!

  2. It is so gorgeous there! I love the homes and those bicycles are just too cute for words. Great outfit. Love your top & shorts & bracelets!

  3. Oh haiiii cute patootie in those adorbs shorts! Love. And I LOVE Cisco beer, so I’m very jealous.

  4. elb743

    I have never been and have always wanted to go..especially now after seeing those gorgeous pictures. You look great in the RL and J.Crew!
    XX, Elle

  5. GORGEOUS! I’d like to go to either. I’m convinced I belong in NE, not CA. You looks absolutely adorable!

  6. What a beautiful place and pictures! Love your shorts btw :)

  7. claudiadeberardinis

    what gorgeous photos!!! so glad to have come across your blog! xx

  8. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Your trip looks so amazing! My parents went to Nantucket on their honeymoon which I always though was sort of weird- until I saw these photos! And you’re perfectly dressed for an East Coast vaycay :)


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  10. I need to pick your brain on both MV and Nantucket – best places to see/things to do/eat/where to stay!
    I’ll send you an e-mail!

  11. This outfit is SO preppie! I love it so much.

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