Nantucket in the Winter // Part Two: After the Snow

Nantucket Snow

And then the snow arrived on Nantucket and created the prettiest of winter wonderlands. If this is overkill, I do apologize. My frostbitten fingers are also not impressed with the amount of photos I took.

Mint House Snow


Atheneum Library Nantucket




[ outfit details ]
Cable Knit Sweater, Polo Ralph Lauren [similar] | Jewel Collar Blouse, J.Crew | Jeans, American Eagle | Get Nauti Clutch c/o Preppy Pink Shop | Monogram Crossbody, Madewell | Rope Bracelet, Kiel James Patrick

Madewell Monogram Leather Purse

J Crew Jewel Collar


Get Nauti Preppy Pink Shop Clutch

Regatta Inn Nantucket

Nantucket Snowy Streets

Starlight Theater Nantucket

Major to-do if you just can’t take the cold anymore: dinner + a movie at Starlight Theater & Cafe— teeny tiny movie theater showing just one film a day, and you can bring your beverage of choice right on in there with ya!


Nantucket Harbor in the winter

[ travel summary ]
who:: just BF + me, again.
what:: rotate between seeing all of the sweet, snowy sights + warming up inside with coffee, tea, & adult beverages. don’t feel guilty if you resort to going to the movies because a) nantucket has the cutest movie theaters around, and b) at a certain point, you gotta give into the cold.
when:: this is for winter. if it is above 45 degrees and not precipitating, get the heck outside.
where:: snuggle up + caffeinate yourselves at the bean and petticoat row bakery | eat, drink, and watch a flick at starlight theater & cafe | again, stay at the centerboard inn [ innkeeper lyn serves tea each day at 3pm + it was the perfect escape from the cold! ]
wear:: ok, bundle up a little more this time. and bean boots are especially key.

[ For full who//what//when//where//wear, see last week’s post! ]


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8 responses to “Nantucket in the Winter // Part Two: After the Snow

  1. Obvi, you are maje adorable but I must have a maternal instinct kicking in or something because I was like girrrrrl put on a coat or you’ll get sick, lol!

    • BAHAH you must read the disclaimer I wrote on some old post– I think it read along the lines of “any outfits shows on this blog without the addition of a coat were staged and only worn outside uncovered for less than 90 seconds.”

  2. You are the cutest, I never think to go to Nantucket in the winter but it looks picturesque xx

  3. CUTEST. Love that we have matching shirts now. Love the way you styled it. Everything looks so pretty covered in ice and snow!

  4. Love the detail on your collar Emily! You look absolutely adorable and I LOVE that last photo especially (so thank you for braving the cold to capture each one!) xo

  5. Love the jeweled collar blouse! So cute layered too.


  6. Nantucket looks absolutely gorgeous in winter! I’m dying get out there and see it myself!
    xo Tia |

  7. Majestic images! Winter can be so pretty.


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