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Paper Source Valentine's Day Cards

Anyone else remember thinking that was possibly the least romantic candy heart ever?

Wishing you all a fun Valentine’s Day, be it with your sweetheart or gal pals. All you haters out there, at LEAST do yourself a favor and locate some chocolate! Then enjoy it guilt-free.

Weather allowing, I’m off to Nantucket this weekend for a little birthday celebrating! Be sure to follow along my chilly adventures via Instagram :)


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Valentine’s Day with West Elm Fenway

Last weekend I kicked off February with such a fun morning at West Elm Fenway, crafting with some blogger gals at Kate‘s Valentine’s Day DIY Workshop! We made the sweetest little stuffed hearts that could be turned into lavender sachets, pins, necklaces, or garland– as seen on my bar cart.

West Elm Valentine's Day Heart DIYClearly I was too focussed on Kate’s darling set-up, snacks, and supplies to snap many photos of the finished products, but you can see them on Dariel and Jaime‘s blogs!


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Red Lace Free People Dress

Gal pals! This week I’ll be taking over The @MiddlesexCommons Instagram– be sure to follow me there as I share snippets of #MyKindOfLove and fun giveaways [hint:: pay special attention Tuesday and Thursday; you can win yourself some Visa gift cards!]. And let me know what you’re loving this Valentine’s Day by tagging your photos with #MyKindOfLove :)


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Summer Snapshots

I hate to say that summer seems to have flown by even quicker than usual this year. As fast as it went, we enjoyed some beautiful times. Big memories, like our vacation to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, and day trips to Rockport, Newburyport, Scituate, NewportChatham, and more. A wedding in Philadelphia, a new baby in the family, lots of froyo, MaryLou’s iced coffee, Cisco Summer brews, lighthouse tours, happy hours outside, North End sunsets, Boston Blogger dates, and walks along the water and through our beautiful city. 


Here’s to making even more memories this fall!



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Life Lately

emilyshell instagram

[ Little snippets of life lately... be sure to follow along for all the action live! ]




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Five Things

blowing bubbles free people

… and not the normal five things you see around here.

I rarely get personal on this little blogaroo. It makes me anxious to share more than what I did this weekend. But first Anna did and then Melanie did and that sweet girl tagged me so now I’m feeling inspired to. Here are five things you may not know about me. Unless you’ve been reading this thang for quite a while. Then maybe you’ve picked up on some of it :)

[ 1 ] I claim to live this nautical New England lifestyle, which is true now, but wasn’t always. At least not out of the summertime. I was born in Michigan. I moved to Pennsylvania when I was 8. I came to Boston for college. I stayed, and two years ago my family joined me. I hate the question “where are you from?” because I never know how to reply without some longwinded answer. But New England is the place I associate most with home. We’ve been coming to the south shore of Massachusetts and staying on the same street my whole life, and it’s been the only consistent home I know. I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, and I recently realized I don’t think I’d be capable of living too far from the water ever again.

[ 2 ] I work in cookbooks! And yet I can’t cook to save my life. I like dabbling in baking though– see here, here, and here for evidence.

[ 3 ] I had eight best girlfriends in college. Green Street Girls we were known as, after our Cambridge apartment.. Now they are splattered all across the country and nothing breaks my heart more. Sorry to go all SisterhoodOfTheTravelingPants on you, but I feel so much more at peace and complete when we are together. It hasn’t happened since our graduation, but I have faith that it will soon.

[ 4 ] I consider blogging a wonderful creative outlet, but one that’s a bit more important to me is dance. I think a lot of people have a hard time understanding why it’s such a huge part of my life and why I still put so much time into it at my age– if you’re curious, just watch this video. And listen. I like to think you and a many others will better understand then :)

[ 5 ] I have epilepsy. Now that’s something I definitely haven’t told you before! But I think it’s time I do, because I realized a while ago that I should be using this public forum of mine for more than just outfit posts and accessory talk. One small thing I can do for the big issue (affecting 65 million people worldwide) is raise awareness. One of the greatest things you can do for me? Take a minute and a half and read this Seizure First Aid guide. Should you ever be with a person while they’re having a seizure, knowing how to react is the most important thing.

Whew that was not supposed to be a downer of a post– I promise I won’t do that again anytime soon! Now it’s time to hear from you! I’m supposed to pass this along, but I tag whoever is willing to share :)


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wachusett brewing company

After a long day skiing at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, Mass this past Saturday, we couldn’t leave town without a quick stop to the Wachusett Brewery. Wachusett happens to brew my most favorite blueberry beer– I do have rankings for my blueberry beers– and it was so fun to tour the brewery three friends started years ago after leaving their engineering day jobs. New England, you never cease to impress me.

wachusett blueberry beer

wachusett on tap

wachusett keg

wachusett mountain skiing


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Twenty Four

kate spade glitter heels bow purse

Luckiest girl in the world right here. So grateful for the chance to spend my 24th birthday with some of my best friends and best family. They spoiled me to infinity and beyond, as you’ll see from the snapshots below. And thank you all for your sweet tweets + comments as well, looking forward to an exciting + sparkly year! xx

birthday instagram collage

instagram hearts

And one of the best gifts of all? I’m featured on LaurenConrad.com as their Chic of the Week! Check out the feature here and the original [so anthro] outfit post here.


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pillbox red hunter wellies

polar bear hat

summit ave brookline snow

snow heart

summit ave brookline snow

pink purple snow sunset

Nemo has come and gone. It wasn’t all fun + games but we survived and even got to enjoy some snowy playtime once the blizzard winds died down :) Hope you all stayed safe + warm throughout the storm!


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English Rose

I’ve become a huge coffee drinker over the past few years, but I can’t resist an adorable tea room. These are shots from English Rose Tea Room, which I stumbled upon while visiting Carefree, Arizona, and has become known as the finest tearoom in the Southwest.

english rose tea room

teacup chandelier

vintage teacups

tea party instagram

tea strainer

queen elizabeth poster

tea petit fours

photo 3-1

As usual, I’m always on the hunt for more tearooms to visit. I’m back in New England now, so send more local suggestions my way! xx


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