A SOAK in the Tub

Soak Soap Bar Newburyport

I’m usually not one for bath-and-body-type stores, but during last month’s trip to Newburyport, I found a serious exception to that rule. Soak is so much more than a soap store– it’s this crazy fun little oasis… smack in the middle of downtown Newburyport, yet it feels like you just walked into some amazing combination of coastal spa and well-loved beach house.


The Newburyport Soap Bar, it is certainly home to its fair share of soaps [but really, it has a 20-foot soap bar full of handmade glycerin soaps ^^], yet so many other treasures that will, no joke, make your baths and showers EVENTS to look forward to.


Sugar Scrubs:: It’s like going to your favorite self-serve fro-yo place and picking out whatever flavor you want… just don’t eat these?

Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers:: As water splashes these little nuggets, the oils are activated + released, giving the most amazing scent to your shower steam. Lilac, Lemongrass, Lavender… mmmmm….

Soak Newburyport Clothes

Loungewear: I was SO excited to spot Paxton1345 boxers at Soak, and even more excited to hear that they’ll be expanding their loungewear collection, as they open their new addition to the store in a couple weeks!

men's soap products

Men’s Skin Care:: Admit it guys, you need some goodies too. Soak carries Jack Black products [fragrance-free, colorant-free, cruelty-free and dermatologist tested], as well as Plum Island Soap Co.’s best-selling Man Can [SUCH a good gift idea for your dad, brother, or guy!].

Striped Rope Beach Bags

Not pictured:: Oh, about 4 billion other products, including but not limited to LaLicious body butters, Bath Bombs, Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap, oils, scrubs, lotions, bath robes, candles, teas, and other coastal gifts [not for your body but good for your heart].



Seahorse Wall Decor

Newburyport Nautical Gift Shops

Whether you like your soaps and lotions fruity, floral, herbal, cooling, or whatever else– you’ll find something here. The new addition to the store, with the expanded loungewear and clothing selection, will be open in the next 2-3 weeks– follow them on Facebook for the most updated info!

soap stores massachusetts

[ SOAK The Newburyport Soap Bar ]
[ 7 State Street ]
[ Newburyport, MA ]
[ 978-465-7625 ]


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7 responses to “A SOAK in the Tub

  1. Soak looks like such a cute shop! The handmade soaps are adorable!

  2. I bet it smells really good in there. That’s all I could think about scrolling through haha! But it’s been ages since I’ve been to Newburyport, so I think it’s time to head back up!

  3. Wow it seams to be a cute place!!! love the handmade soaps!!!

  4. I love Soak! What a great feature Emily, those bags (and the loungewear + Jack Black men’s products!) This makes me want to run not walk back to Newburyport (with a stop at Souffles and then Plum Island xo)

  5. amy

    i love this store :) and everything about newburyport really! those shape soaps are so cute!

  6. I can’t even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with those kinds of shops. Anything that smells good and I’m all over it. What a great addition to the already adorable shops in Newburyport! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Thanks again for visiting us Emily!! Hope to see you in Newburyport again soon!

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