Nantucket in the Winter // Part Three: Exploring the Frozen Island

Sankaty Light Stone

We spent the second half of our weekend on Nantucket bundled up for exploring the island. I didn’t have the highest hopes for even making it to the East side, where Sankaty Head Lighthouse + the sweet village of ‘Sconset lie, but we fell into some extreme luck + happened to stay at an inn whose owner was in town and all over taking us on a jeep tour around the island, allowing us to see so much more than I expected [another point for the Centerboard Inn!].


Nantucket Lighthouses Photography

[ sankaty head light ]
Built in 1850, this is another oldie! Like Gay Head Lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard, Sankaty Head is falling victim to erosion; it has already been moved back once [400 feet] from its original location on the eroding bluff. You may be familiar with Cisco Brewers’ Sankaty Light Lager, and this sweet lighthouse is its namesake.

Sankaty Head Lighthouse

Tiffany Blue Shutters

Steps Beach Nantucket

Back closer to town on the North side of the island lies Steps Beach. Despite the wind chills we felt, there was something so calming and beautiful about the snow covering the sand. Almost makes me fall back in love with winter!

Nantucket Snow

Steps Beach Nantucket Houses


[ outfit details ]
Toggle Coat, American Eagle [similar] | Cable Knit Sweater, Old Navy | Cotton Candy Stripe Scarf c/o Shawlsmith London | Jeans, American Eagle | Sunshine Tote, Nantucket Brand | Boots + Socks, LL Bean

Nantucket Winter Outfit

My super-soft scarf is from Shawlsmith London, and the lovely folks there are continuing my reader discount and giving you all 25% off your order with code SSL25! This is the best transition scarf for spring– cheery yellow but enough cotton fabric to keep you warm.

Yellow Gray Striped Scarf


Thank you all for bearing with me through this series! May it inspire you to take advantage of the few pretty things about living in New England through the bitter winter. Now let me know, where have you jaunted off to this season?



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10 responses to “Nantucket in the Winter // Part Three: Exploring the Frozen Island

  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

  2. THAT SKY. THAT SCARF. I need to go to Nantucket.

  3. gorgeous pics! but when is it going to be warm out already??

  4. Your pictures are just perfect! And you look sooooo cute in the last one! xx

  5. amy

    ahhh looks like so much fun! i need to get to nantucket ASAP. love your smile in the last photo :)

  6. That last photo is adorable! You look so happy :) I’ve never been to nantucket but will have to add it to my list!


  7. great pictures! you look adorable! I also love that gray house with the blue shutters. Looks like a peaceful adventure :)

  8. I always see pics of this in the summer – nice to see the winter side – fun!

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