A New Year

photo 4

A very merry new year to you all! I’m feeling so refreshed after a few days away and a night of celebrating with friends, new and old. Here’s to making 2014 the best year yet!

psst! My skirt is from the sweet Preppy Pink Shop, and you can find similar glitter mary-janes here [splurge] and here [steal].


photo 2

photo 3

photo 1


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16 responses to “A New Year

  1. Happy New Year!! I’m loving all the gold and glitter from your NYE celebration!

  2. GOLD AND GLITTER AND LOVE OH MY! Stay safe todayyyyyyy!

  3. Happy New Year pretty lady! I loved this post (especially the gorgeous, fun banner!) Wishing you a wonderful and healthy/happy 2014!!! xo

  4. Happy New Year! Love that skirt!

  5. your skirt is so festive- love it! happy new year :)

  6. Your decorations are Pinterest-worthy, they look so good! I especially love the props for the photo booth.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  7. love the photos and that skirt is so stinkin’ cute!!

  8. In love with those golden polka dots! Looks like you had a wonderful new year, girlie! Can’t wait to reconnect in Boston!

  9. Great photos!! Love them.

  10. I love all of these glittery details! Super-cute NYE outfit!! Happy New Year!

  11. Looks like you had a super fun NYE! I love the polka-dot skirt! So cute and so you!


  12. Happy New Year! Looks like a fun celebration!

  13. what fun pictures!!! i love that skirt!! happy new year!

  14. Annie

    Your NYE outfit is SO perfect lady! You look so pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

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