Purple Today

I’m so excited that today we honor one of my favorite colors, and my favorite causes. March 26th is Purple Day— a globally-recognized day of epilepsy awareness. So while you peruse some of these lavender goodies, be sure you also take a second to read these safety tips, goodness forbid you’re ever in a situation and witness a person having a seizure!


(1) Knit Lace Sheer-Back Dress, Kimchi Blue, $59
(2) Lollipop Aviator Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters, $14
(3) Lilac Leather Satchel, Cambridge Satchel Co., $178
(4) Lavender Shortbread Skirt, ModCloth, $35
(5) Lavandula Chandeliers, Anthropologie, $48
(6) Lilacism Nail Polish, Essie, $8
(7) Carousel Bangle, Kate Spade, $250
(8) Lilac Wissett Desert Botas, TOMS, $69
(9) Purple Crochet Classics, TOMS, $58
(10) Button-Down Knit Shirt, Staring at Stars, $39




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