Spiked Cider

Cinnamon schnapps, cinnamon sticks, and warm apple cider? What’s not to love about this fall cocktail courtesy of one of my go-to books, Party Drinks!? I highly suggest this spiced treat this time of year, preferably while wearing similar attire.

spiked cider

Flourish De Lis Dress, ModCloth, $85
Glitter Bow Hair Clip, Forever 21, $2
Bubble Necklace, Vintage Glam Boutique, $28
Incyte High Shaft Boots, Steve Madden, $130 (sale!)
Classic Q Natasha Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs, $368

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15 responses to “Spiked Cider

  1. Love this!!! The necklace/dress color combo especially!

  2. Lauren

    i love how you matched the outfit to the drink, great idea!


  3. SO glad to have found your blog! I love anthropologie and that whole type of style too! This is such a cute outfit – love the bow!


  4. Love those boots! I could go for a nice warm mug of spiked cider right about now, too. I mean, it’s cider – the 5pm rule doesn’t apply, right? ;)

  5. I’ve never had one of these drinks so I really appreciate that you provided the recipe along with the adorable corresponding outfit!

  6. This recipe sounds delicious. I definitely want to try it!

  7. OMG I need that dress! happy friday!

  8. Great recipe! I love the dress!

  9. 1) This drink sounds delightful. I can haz at next book club? 2) Love the outfit. 3) Love the layout!

  10. I love a dress with lace sleeves, and that’s a great casual fall dress, especially paired with a pair of brown boots!


  11. that cider looks amazing!! and what a cute dress!!
    p.s. check out my giveaway – last day to enter!

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