Warmer Days

yellow polo oxford

Oxford, Ralph Lauren // Shorts, Forever 21 // Pearls, vintage // Cape Knot Hitch, KJP // Purse, Vera Bradley [similar] // Slip Ons, Polo Ralph Lauren

If I could wear this type of outfit all year long, I would be content. Long sleeve shirt, soft shorts, comfy shoes… it’s the best thing about late summer (because despite the overload of pumpkin-flavored coffee and treats, fall does not officially start until this Saturday!).

yellow polo oxford

preppy bracelets

polo shoes



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3 responses to “Warmer Days

  1. I absolutely love the look of an Oxford and comfy cutoff shorts. It’s so menswear chic, but your jewelry and shoes add the perfect girly touches!


  2. No joke, I used to have those slip ons. I was beyond obsessed. I’m so sad I got rid of them, or else we could be twinsies!

  3. Stretch it out as long as possible! I love fall, but nothing truly beats summer. (And all the fab outfits that go with it)

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