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In the Spirit of February

Film by John Kahrs

PLUS, if that animated rom-com isn’t enough, my best bloggy friend Alex from The Saga of a Twenty-Something got engaged this weekend! Go give her some love!

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Thought of You

A little bit of love to inspire your Monday. It’s truly worth a watch.

Video by Ryan Woodward. Music by The Weepies, “Thought of You.”


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like crazy.

For anyone who has ever been in love.


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Ooh my goodness…

Not that I am anywhere close to ever needing one of these, but how beautiful is this video showcasing BHLDN‘s new gowns?

It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland or something. Gives me butterflies!


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This gets me every time…

Wedding Preview: Noah and Rachael 8.14.10 from Ben Potter & Drew Barefoot on Vimeo.


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Beloved Photography

Just a few days before my boyfriend, Charlie, left for Los Angeles, we had the chance to help out a photographer friend who was working on building his portfolio for a new photography service called beloved.  I was so not prepared for what I had gotten us into (I’m no model by any standards… I spent my time in my college’s Fashion Society working behind the scenes– though I did once have the pleasure of modeling as a housewife sophomore year for the print magazine– another story another time!).  Let me tell you though, this photography session was the best experience.

There is no way anyone could call what this was a photoshoot.  Zac never asked us to pose, or smile, or anything you’d expect from a photographer. He simply gave us prompts (which I won’t reveal!) and in turn captured real emotion.  It was so nice to set aside an hour in this extremely busy time of our lives (mind you, it was graduation week) and just appreciate each other.  For most of the session, I forgot Zac was even there.

These sessions are about love, but the love you can experience in many different relationships: friends, family, a significant other.  For more information, check out The Beloved Movement, but more importantly check out Zac Wolf Photography.  And if you’re in the greater New England area and need a good photog, give this guy a call.  Even if you have no reason to have your photos taken, this is so much more about the experience than the finished product.  Though they are quite lovely, don’t you think?

To read about Zac’s experience with beloved, check out his blog.

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