Weekend Wear

Now that I’ve scheduled this for Thursday, I sure do hope you all have tomorrow off as well… if not, please click out of this window, return tomorrow, and accept my sincere apologies.

lilly red right return

Daphne Trapeze DressPackable Wide Bow SunhatShore Thing Clam Studs | Tickled Pink Idiom Bangle | Fresh Beauty Peony Brightening Sunscreen | Chandon Brut Champagne | Mint & Rose Lolita Wedge SandalTaylor Tote (on sale + free gift with purchase!)

Related:: Loren Hope is offering 15% off EVERYTHING (a rarity) this weekend + free gifts with purchase! Use code HAPPY4TH at checkout.

Wishing all you beauts a safe + wonderful 4th, and hopefully a long weekend as well!

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loren hope coupon code

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Low Tide, Bows Tied

Scituate Harbor

It takes a lot for me to step into something other than boat shoes and flip flops in the summertime. On my fanciest of days, I might wear my Jacks. Butttt since somebiddie gave into a sneaky little JCF sale and put these (striped!) (bow!) (how can you blame me!) Isabelle Heels on, she’s making a point to put them to use. Even if it means pairing with old cutoffs and knobby sweaters.

Navy White Striped Heels

Boston Fashion Bloggers

Ribbed Sweater Hoodie, GAP | Cuffed Denim Shorts, Forever 21 | Tortoise Sunglasses, Target | Backpack via Italy [similar leather backpack] | Isabelle Printed Bow Pump, J.Crew

Hooder Fisherman Sweater

Italian Leather Backpack

Navy White Bow Shoes

Madewell Backpack

Isabelle Pumps Reviews

Pssst! They’re on sale again!

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Weekend Wear

Nicollette Fit & Flare Dress

Nicollette Fit & Flare Striped Dress | Chandon Rosé | Seeing Double Cocktail Napkins | Metallic Straw ToteKeds x Kate Spade Ladybug Sneakers

There is nothing like a summer weekend with minimal plans.

Don’t get me wrong– I love weddings and trips and cookouts probably MORE than the next person, but to have a weekend in which the world is our oyster, oh it feels good.

We’ll just disregard the fact that there is three days of rain on the forecast.

Have a good one lovebugs!

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Nantucket Basket Purse

Striped Tee Tulle Skirt

Know what I love about New England? Even our purses here have a rich history. World, meet the Nantucket Basket. These sweet babies have been around for 150 years, when lightship workers would weave them to pass their time aboard whaling ships. They’ve been known as Nantucket Lightship Baskets, Nantucket Friendship Baskets, whatever they’re called, they’re a symbol of the island. Class dismissed.

This purse has been passed around my family, a gift from my mother to my grandmother and then back down to me, and it’s one of those quick-there’s-a-fire-what-items-do-you-save most treasured possessions of mine. #cheese

Where to buy Nantucket Baskets

LC Lauren Conrad Tulle Skirt

Striped Boatneck Tee, Gap [similar] | Cream Tulle Skirt, LC Lauren Conrad | Nantucket Lighting Basket [similar 1; 2] | Beige Patent Pumps, Steve Madden

Nantucket Baskets History

Vintage Nantucket Lightship Basket

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kate spade sale on sale


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Strawberry-Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

strawberry grapefruit smoothie recioe

I’m sharing this with you because it’s super yummy. Not because I expect you to hit the “pin” button on the mess I made. I would definitely be Chopped for presentation on this one.

BUT let’s not be superficial here. This is a smoothie from our new book at the office [hi, I’m 26] that I turned into a smoothie bowl because, #basic.

Easy Homemade Smoothie Bowls

[ Latte Bowl + Farmers’ Market Baskets are Anthropologie; Tray is Kate Spade! ]

Anthropologie Glass Farmers' Market Basker

Homemade Grapefruit Juice

strawberry grapefruit smoothie from best 100 smoothies for kids

makes 4 (9-ounce) servings

[ ingredients ]
1 cup grapefruit juice [I made my own using our new juice fountain plus!]
1 cup water
2 cups frozen strawberries
1 apple
2 tablespoons agave syrup or honey

[ instructions ]
1 // pour the grapefruit juice and water in a blender. add the frozen strawberries. core the apple, cut it into chunks, and add it to the blender.
2 // add the sweetener. blend until smooth.

serve in shallow bowl + top with fresh fruit!

How to make a smoothie bowl

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Anthropologie Summer Tag Sale

nautical place settings

[ Clambake Canape Plates ]

Alex and I were shopping killing time at Anthropolgie earlier this week when we spotted a pile of seriously marked-down home goodies (cocktail napkins for $3!!)… and sure enough, Anthro’s biannual Tag Sale popped up immediately after! While you’ll find tons of clothes, shoes, & accessories marked down, this is my favvvorite time to stock up on house & home pieces.

nautical home decor

Nautical Matches | Tidewater Dishtowel
Clambake Lobster BibClambake Cocktail Napkins
Mazatlan Placemat | Buoy Birdhouse
Shipwright Bar Collection | Garden Palette Dinnerware

Anddd you can guess where I’m headed after work this evening :)

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Romper Season

white rompers

A white romper may be one of the most impractical articles of clothing to have ever graced my closet, but I’ve been on the hunt for one since this one sold out and this one looked like a giant diaper on me [but oh my god if you can rock this please do so I can live vicariously through you]. Then I finally found the golden ticket! I’ve had such fun dressing it up with heels and statement jewelry, but also down with sandals and cozy cardis. One of those great day–>night pieces, amirite? Not that you’ll catch me wearing this in the office anytime soon.

Pssst! It’s also 30% off today with code GOSHOPPING!

White J.Crew Romper

Tailored Linen Romper, J.Crew | Turquoise Tassel Earrings, Lisi Lerch | Tortoise Piper Sunglasses c/o Warby Parker | Eat Cake Gia Clutch, Kate Spade [similar 1; 2] | Critter Wedges, Lilly Pulitzer [similar 1; 2]

White Linen Shorts

Boston Fashion Bloggers

Lisi Lerch Turquoise Tassel Earrings

Eat Cake for Breakfast Clutch


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Over the Bridj

Volkswagon Beetle Wedding

*image via

Here’s one for my Boston friends– and D.C. if there are any of you here too!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or don’t follow me on Twitter, I am not a fan of Boston’s public transit system. And that’s the understatement of the year.

I’m sure all of you Beantowners can sympathize and agree with me when it comes to some rough commutes on the MBTA. So in the worst of it this past winter, I was SO excited to find Bridj.

[Pausing right here to let you know that this post is not sponsored by Bridj!]

The best way I can describe this new transportation system is Uber-meets-coach-bus. Every weekday at heavy-traffic commuting times, Bridj runs multiple buses along popular commuting routes, like Brighton to Financial District, Coolidge Corner to Seaport, Allston to Copley Square, and so on. You book your spot on the bus, whichever time is most convenient to you, and I guarantee you end up at your destination in at LEAST a third of the time it would take you via the T.

The mister now takes Bridj every day– so much easier than the Green Line to Red Line to Silver Line mess he was putting up with for the last couple years. Since my route isn’t quite perfected yet (it still requires me to walk a bit since the South End isn’t exactly the most popular office location!), I reserve my trips for mornings when I’m extra tired, hungover, bad weather, or just cannotdeal with the T. BUT Bridj has been adding new pick-up and drop-off locations like crazy lately, so I’m hopeful :)

You can get your first five rides free with code jWVhsw. Click here if you’re on your iPhone or Android to download the app + signup.

Full disclosure:: This post isn’t sponsored, but I’ll receive free rides for you signing up– just like any other user would :)


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Weekend Reads

Anna Caldwell Home

*image via

Dollfaces, I’m eating a cheesesteak drinking a Wawa iced tea slurping a Rita’s Water Ice in Philly celebrating one of my bestest friend’s wedding! Leaving you with some easy Friday reads. Talk soon! xx

This girl wore the same outfit for a month— could you do that?

7 secrets of shoppers who never pay full price– my kind of women!

How to meal plan like a boss.

10 hidden gems of Europe [we’re headed to one of these towns in the fall!]

Boston friends may enjoy this: What the MBTA used to look like. Do you think I would have complained more or less in these days? :P

It’s wedding season– here’s a bunch of great options for shoes that won’t sink in the grass during all those outdoor ceremonies or cocktail hours!


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Sea-ing Spots

Navy White Dot Dress

This is me wearing a tunic that I didn’t know was a tunic and wondering why it is so short on me. Thank you, 5’1″ Anthropologie sales associates for seriously fooling me. I actually don’t hate you because this dress tunic is that damn cute.

anthropologie percy tunic

Percy Tunic, Anthropologie | Tortoise Sunglasses, Target | Leather Belt, Zara [similar] | Mini Transport Crossbody, Madewell | Around the World Leather Watch, Anthropologie | Sandals c/o White Mountain Shoes [sold out; similar 1; 2]

Monogrammed Leather Purse

Target Tortoise Sunglasses

Around the World Watch

Boston Fashion Bloggers

how to belt a dress

I regret nothing.


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