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Five [valentine] Things

conversation hearts photography

[ Traditional conversation hearts ]

laduree macarons

[ Sweet treats from my mama-- I prefer macarons over chocolate any day ]

heart toms

[ Last year's Valentine's TOMS; purchase this year's here ]

essie red

[ Spicy red nails ]

heart in snow

[ Messages left in the snow ]

Happy Valentine’s Day sweet readers! While so many find Valentine’s Day ridiculous, I happen to love the holiday. Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, I fully believe today is about celebrating the people in your life who bring you love– whoever that may be. Enjoy it! xx

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Five [girly] Things

[hat box full of glittery goodies]

[vintage evening bag]

[Ladurée containers double as jewelry boxes]

[studying Audrey]

[pearls + pumpkin carriages]


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Maison Ladurée

It’s no secret that I love French macarons. Love actually might be an understatement. That’s why I was thrilled when I got to make a quick stop at Maison Ladurée on Madison Ave while in NYC this past weekend.

I counted the days for this little Parisian bakery to open from the moment I first heard it was coming stateside, and I first visited it in November during my last New York trip. I even attempted to make my own macarons in the meantime. But let me tell you, the real thing? Nothing even compares.

Have you visited any of the Ladurée locations, in the U.S. or overseas? Tell me your favorite flavors if so, I have yet to try all of them!


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New York City

Finally, some photos from my trip to NYC last week!

Every time I visit New York, I think I begin to see it less and less as a tourist. But I still can’t help but attempt to capture it through a thousand photos! So maybe once a tourist, always a tourist…


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Happy Monday!! Oof and a sleepy Monday it is, as I didn’t get back until pretty late last night from my weekend in New York with one of my oldest friends, kTk!

I have some “real” photo sorting to do before I can give you a full recap, but here’s a little taste of my trip through Instagram photos… enjoy! xx

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Alice’s Tea Cup

Visiting the Lilly Pulitzer on Madison Ave, and trying on the dress from my Friday’s Fancies!

Dylan’s Candy Bar, the most colorful place ever.

Laduree!! I’ve been waiting for a chance to visit the NYC location ever since I first heard it was opening and wrote about it way back when.

While having lunch at Fred’s at Barney’s, we saw this adorable Gossip Girl-esque Sweet 16 taking place next to us.

Dream shopping… :)

Raspberry champagne and macarons=a perfect end to a perfect day.

More to come!! And for anyone who follows me on Instagram (emilyshell), I’m so sorry for overflowing your feeds this weekend!


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Macarons mon amie!

Remember how I’m obsessed with Ladurée’s Parisian macarons?  And how I totally failed last time I tried to make them?  Well I couldn’t wait another minute for the French to arrive in NYC, so I try tried again and this time was much more successful!

I stopped searching around for tips and tricks and secret recipes and instead went with good old Martha Stew.  And she really didn’t let me down!  It wasn’t an easy process by any means, and it is definitely a two-person job, but when Puffy and I went slowly and really followed the recipe step by step (sounds like such an easy concept but I definitely improvise a lot when it comes to baking), we succeeded :)

They’re just too pretty and delicate to resist, and with some Nutella and raspberry jam filling, the were the perfect little Sunday afternoon treat.  If you’re going to attempt these little buggers, my only advice is to dare not substitute.  Make the extra trip for the almond flour and superfine sugar because it really does make a difference, and I think that’s where I went wrong the first time.  Click here for Martha’s recipe.

Bon appetit mes amis!


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Ladurée to Open in New York City

Oh happy day, Ladurée is finally coming to the States!

Courtesy of Ladurée

A Parisian bakery and tea room famous for its macarons, Ladurée is easily the most beautiful eatery I have ever seen.  Problem is, most of its locations are in Europe and I have been waiting for one to open a bit closer to home since the first day I saw it, four summers ago.  Well the day is almost here, as Maison Ladurée will open a location on Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side later this summer! Oh what will I wear?!

Courtesy of Ladurée

Courtesy of weheartit.com

A couple of weeks ago I tried to make my own version of their famous macarons.  Needless to say, I failed.  Note to self: Do not attempt to beat egg whites without an electric mixer…


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