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Tobi Velour Flirt Circle Skirt

Anwick Blouse, Jack Wills (now on sale!) | Velour Skirt, Tobi | Glasses, Gucci [similar] | Book Clutch [back for a limited time on sale!], Kate Spade [similar] | Patent Flats, Kimchi Blue [similar]

Just a quick outfit post today to remind you of my outrageously nerdy side, in case you’ve been missing it.

Jack Wills Lace Anwick Blouse

Kate Spade Great Gatsby Book Clutch

Black Lace Peter Pan Collar

Happy Wednesday!

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Tortoise and the Hair

blazer over shorts

Blazer, American Eagle [similar] | Tee, Old Navy | Shorts, Forever 21 [similar] | Ainsworth Glasses c/o Warby Parker | Satchel, H&M [similar] | Boat Shoes, Sperry Top-Sider

I was most definitely that 14-year-old growing up who did not want glasses that blended in, but rather was all for showing off my lack of 20-20 vision with some dark, cat eye frames. I’ve been sticking to black-rimmed glasses ever since, but at the new Warby Parker store in Boston [see yesterday's post for the review!], I took the plunge and tried on a handful of tortoise pairs. I fell in l-o-v-e with this Ainsworth style, and again, am a little too happy I have been blessed with less-than-perfect eyesight!

photo 4

cambridge satchel for less

warby parker ainsworth frams


psst! I was featured as a Modern Style Icon on The StyleUp blog this week! Have you all subscribed to StyleUp yet? It’s a free daily newsletter that provides you with the forecast and one inspiration outfit that matches the weather and is catered to your taste. I get mine delivered at 9pm the night before, so I have time to think about and plan my outfit for the next day! Loving it so far– read my interview to hear exactly why!


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Warby Boston


Are you all as big of Warby Parker fans as I am? I’ve always always loved their style of glasses, but hadn’t gotten the chance to play with any in person until I used their Home Try-On program last month. Now I am beyond excited to have a Warby Parker retail store in Boston– right downtown on Newbury Street!

warby parker glasses

I joined fellow Boston bloggers a few weeks ago for a breakfast at their new Beantown location and was beyond impressed. The second-floor location overlooking Newbury was bright, spacious, and welcoming– what more do you need to try on glasses?

warby optical

It still shocks me that all of the optical frames are only $95, prescription included.

warby parker ballard

I’m especially in love with all of the tortoise options! Pretty Ballard frames.

warby parker sunglasses

Don’t wear eyeglasses? Well lucky you! Tons of sunglasses options as well though [Downing frames pictured above].

warby parker boston

You’ll have to come back tomorrow to see which pair I picked out… :) In the meantime, head on over there yourself!

[ Warby Parker ]
[ 83 Newbury Street ]
[ Boston, MA ]


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Try Before You Buy: Warby Parker Edition

warby parker home try-on program

 [ Warning ] There is a lot of my face in this post.

I have a love/hate relationship with picking out glasses. On one hand, it’s always fun to select a dozen frames, try them all on, and narrow it down. But I constantly feel like my optician would reaaally rather I just made a decision already. Warby Parker is revolutionizing this process though, with their new Home Try-On Program.

warby parket tortoise glasses

Here’s the lowdown: Pick out five frames from their website you think you might be interested in, they arrive in your mailbox promptly after, and then you have five days to make a decision! Try them on as many times as you want, snap some Instagrams and share with your friends to get their opinions. When you’re done, send ‘em on back. No joke, this program is completely free (to everyone in the US– not just blogger folk I promise!). There isn’t even a shipping cost. It’s pretty darn great.

tortoise frames

What’d I try on? I was personally on the hunt for some tortoise frames and fun sunglasses!

Chandler Whiskey Tortoise // Bensen Whiskey Tortoise // Ainsworth Walnut Tortoise
Thatcher Striped Sassasfras // Appleton Brushed Gold

Clearly, I can’t pull any of these off. But no penalty! Warby Parker takes them all back– you’re not required to purchase any.

And you guys know how I feel about fashion for good: Warby Parker, like TOMS, does Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. For every pair of glasses purchased, a pair will be given to someone in need. So I do hope you order at least one out of your box :-)

photo 1


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Sweaters and Specs

chunky sweater pencil skirt polka dot tights

Sweater, American Eagle [similar 1; 2] // Skirt, H&M // Swiss Dot Tights, Kate Spade // Glasses c/o Firmoo // Clutch, vintage Coach [similar Legacy] // Scarf, H&M [similar] // Patent flats, Urban Outfitters [similar]

I know that within my normally preppy style, you all may find that I, at times, have hipster tendencies. This probably stems from my alma mater’s influence (though I was nowhere close to most of my classmates in terms of Urban Outfitters addictions!). Yet I can always appreciate a good pair of oversized black-rimmed glasses, like these from Firmoo.

firmoo glasses

Firmoo is an online prescription and non-prescription glasses retailer with tons of styles to choose from at seriously I-can’t-believe-it affordable prices. In fact, your first pair can even be free. I adore the pair they sent me (can be found here) and am having fun using them as more of an accessory than a necessity– they’re a little bigger and wilder than my everyday glasses.

Ordering them was way too easy– all you need to do is insert your prescription. My only quibble? They were a little big for me and needed some adjusting, though I blame this more on my own head, not Firmoo!

vintage coach purse

photo 5

kate spade swiss dot tights

But really, how many is too many when it comes to glasses? Because I sense I’ll be ordering a few more pairs…

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary pair of glasses to review; all opinions expressed are my own.


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White before summer is NOT a sin!

Ok ok, so I know it’s not Memorial Day yet, but I just can’t get this white dress out of my head!  No exaggerations, I actually had a dream about it last night (#obsessed).

Reeve Dress Lace, Lilly Pulitzer, $368

And Lilly’s marketing team sure knows what they’re doing because pairing this dress with the dark-rimmed glasses in the catalogue is what I think really caught my eye.  Gives it a very cute and casual appeal, like you could get away with wearing it to class.  There is also a three-quarter sleeve version if you’re stuck in New England like me without any hope of the temperature ever rising above 60!

And because white dresses are a summer staple, even Lilly’s polar opposite, Urban Outfitters, has a lookalike!  This one’s also a little easier on the wallet.

Pins and Needles 3/4 Sleeve Lace Dress, Urban Outfitters, $79


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