Coastal Chic

I’ve found myself in a bit of a design rut lately. I’ve been struggling with incorporating the nautical seaside styles that I love so much into my home, without becoming too beachy or cottage-like [example A]. How do we encompass everything I love about coastal homes in a city apartment? I know it’ll be a fun, on-going design challenge for the next year, but my best leads right now stem from these Anthropologie pieces… sort of coastal chic, no?

nautical anthropologie home

[ Anchors Aweigh Door Knocker ]
[ Victorian Whale Bookends ]
[ Lobster Claw Throw ]
[ Lobster Door Knocker ]
[ Sea Anchor Bathmat ]
[ Bubbling Whale Pillow ]
[ Elizabethan Sails Shower Curtain ]

Anyone else know my dilemma? How do you incorporate seaside style into your city dwellings?



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