Made Really Well

Can we talk about Madewell lately? This isn’t a sponsored post– this is Alex giving me the bright idea to pop in there the other day and falling in love with every-friggin-thing in the store right now.

Madewell Summer Sale

[ 1 ] Striped Inlet Cardigan
[ 2 ] Sash Romper
[ 3 ] Soludos Derby Espadrilles
[ 4 ] Rubber iPhone Case
[ 5 ] The Kensington Satchel [monogram this!]
[ 6 ] Chambray Sunstitch Tunic
[ 7 ] Chambray Hopskip Romper
[ 8 ] Bien Fait Surfbreeze Sweatshirt
[ 9 ] Baseball Season Sweater

A lot of the above is on sale [hi, incentive], and so is my Mini Transport Crossbody [spotted here, among other posts] which I can’t say is the best investment I’ve ever made because it was a gift [thanks, Puff!], but if I had purchased it myself it would be top o’ the list. AND you can add a monogram. #winning


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    Hey there! I was wondering how the straps are on your mini transport tote. I just got this and I feel like the straps on mine look really cheap! :( I was wondering if it was just the newer ones or what the deal was because usually Madewell quality is top notch.

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      Interesting! I’ve been using mine 3-4 times a week since February, so understandably they’re showing some wear and tear, but still in great condition. I never found them cheap-looking– sorry about that! I wonder if they did just go with a new material when they re-stocked them.

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        Thanks for the reply! It’s still a uber cute bag and I got it at a steal from the sale so I can’t complain too much! :) I was just curious. BTW I just discovered and love your blog!!

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