Springing for Jack Wills

Many a Jack Wills new arrival to lust over ladies! Gettin’ perttyyy darn anxious for spring, and these don’t help the case. Some of my favorite recent looks:

outfits left –> right; line x line

[ 1 ] Bexhill Top, $49.50 | Fernham Skinny Jean, $79.50
[ 2 ] Beechwood Tee, $34.50 | Raynham Skirt, $59.50
[ 3 ] Beechwood Tee, $34.50 | Calbourne Cord, $89.50
[ 4 ] Edenfield Dress, $89.50
[ 5 ] Heysham Tee, $89.50 | Bilbrook Short, $59.50
[ 6 ] Edgot Gillet, $89.50 | Aldridge Crew, $98.50
[Jack Wills + nautical = two ultimate favorites]
[ 7 ] Alderley Mac, $128 | Allerby Skirt, $69.50
[ 8 ] Berridge Jacket, $96

Which of these looks would you rock this spring? Dying to snag one a few maybe all for myself… top them off with these plimsoles [sneaks] + this satchel, and I’d be ready for a spring in London! [ok then, maybe throw in this umbrella too…]


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7 responses to “Springing for Jack Wills

  1. I’m dying for a fresh colored anorak! That orange one is too cute!


  2. Love that floral sundress and cannot wait for Spring to arrive (Jack Wills never let’s us down!) xo

  3. Ah! Love Jack Wills:) That floral dress is so adorable!

  4. Love that floral sundress! Now if only Spring would come…

    – Lindsey & Amanda
    Oh Buoy Boston

  5. I am loving this collection! Can I have it all?!

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