[Old] Navy Nautical

I stopped in Old Navy for the first time in a while the other week during my Middlesex Commons Instagram takeover, and was floored by how many great nautical pieces they had received for spring! I hate to say it, but I’ve seen Old Navy tack-ify [that’s a word] a few trends in the past, so I was especially pleased to see a ton of very tasteful, simple takes on seaside style.

Old Navy Nautical

[ Anchor Print Twill Shorts, $23 | see also:: mint ]
Sequined Graphic Sweater, $23 | see also:: take me to the sea ]
[ Striped Waisted Chambray Dress, $25 ]
[ Hooded Jersey-Lined Raincoat, $45 | see also:: navy + red ]
Navy Anchor Printed Boat Shoe, $25 ]
[ Zip-Pocket Tote, $25 ]
[ The Pixie Skinny-Ankle Pant, $35 ]
Nautical Print Gauze Scarf, $17 ]
[ Navy Stripe Sweater, $23 | see also:: anchors ]

Have you been finding nautical glimpses into warmer weather anywhere lately?


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12 responses to “[Old] Navy Nautical

  1. Wait I need those pants. Right now. OMG.

  2. I can’t even deal with how much I want everything in old navy right now. they have cranked up the nautical and i am loving it all.

  3. bought those pants. couldn’t resist!

  4. Loving all the stripes! That dress looks so comfy!

  5. fizzandfrosting

    I could not agree more. I was floored with how many items I loved on my last visit to ON!!

  6. amy

    so many stripes! i love it! that scarf is pretty too :)

  7. Old Navy has great stuff! I’m loving those anchor print pants!

    The Tiny Heart

  8. Love those shoes!!

    Best, Mree

  9. LOVE that Ahoy sweater and I need that scarf.

  10. I agree, Old Navy is really stepping it up! Check out this cute anchor sweater I found a few weeks ago! http://functionalinspiration.net/ootd-if-i-dress-for-it-spring-will-come/


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