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I will be the first to admit that I am a terrible embarrassment to my day job as a cookbook publisher: Not only am I an extremely mediocre cook (and that’s being generous), but I also have the most despicable kitchen! Blame it on my 100-year-old North End apartment and its lack of counter and storage space, but daily, I dream of having a beautiful, light kitchen, with enough room to a) spread out and, well, cook, and b) store and display such beautiful kitchen goodies as these:

Anthropologie Kitchen

[ 1 ] Bistro Canisters, $14-$24
[ 2 ] Jardin de Plantes Spoons, $8-$10
[ 3 ] Farmers Market Basket, $14
[ 4 ] Pedal Power Dishtowel, $22
[ 5 ] 1932 Bergamo Mini Cookware, $48
[ 6 ] Glittering Silverware, $34-$78 (also available in gold!)
[ 7 ] Stripes Abound Apron, $36
[ 8 ] Whale Cutting Board, $98
[ 9 ] Chroma Juice Press, $175

What would you fill your dream kitchen with?


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    I have had my eye on that antho farmers market basket for years! I would love to have it on my counter :) Having cute kitchen goodies definitely helps the motivation to cook more!

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    i’m with you girl…my dream kitchen would be an actual kitchen and not just a corner of my little apartment. i love those glittery silverwares!

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    CRUSHING big time on all of this. I’m also a mediocre cook and I used to blame it on my postage stamp-sized kitchen when I lived in a studio. I always told myself that once I got a “big girl” kitchen I would be more inspired to cook and cook well…and even bake!! Now that I have a large kitchen filled with modern bells and whistles and mixers, I find myself being a mediocre to slightly-above-average cook. I think cooking is a skill that you are born with and I unfortunately do not make the cut.

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    I could pretty much buy every kitchen item in Anthro because everything is so pretty! That berry basket has been on my list for far too long and I think it might be time to finally add it to my kitchen come spring!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

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