Touchy Feely

One of my very best friends has a particular affinity for the eight-armed little guy that is the octopus. In honor of her birthday today, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fashion + home products featuring this fun + oddly beautiful sea creature!


[ 1 ] Count to Tentacle Nautical Pillow, ModCloth, $18

[ 2 ] Octopus Hook, Urban Outfitters, $14

[ 3 ] Octopus Single Ear Cuff, Oasap, $12

[ 4 ] Tea Creature Mug, ModCloth, $13

[ 5 ] My Pet Octopus Cuff, ModCloth, $16

[ 6 ] Karen Walker Sailor Stripe Octopus Tee, Anthropologie, $30 (sale!)

[ 7 ] Octopus & Anchor Out to Sea Dress, Unique Vintage, $52

[ 8 ] Octopus Garden Shower Curtain, Anthropologie, $148

[ 9 ] From the Deep Salad Plate, Anthropologie, $14

[ 10 ] Silver Octopus Earrings, Bliss by Nikki G, $14


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6 responses to “Touchy Feely

  1. You’re a good friend :) And I sort of think octopi are adorable. I love these finds!

  2. I kinda love that shower curtain, but could not justify spending $150 on it. Someone please make a knockoff!


  3. Jen

    Aww what a unique animal she likes! I think those plates are super cute!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  4. That mug! What fun! And also? Creepy.

  5. I’m obsessed with octopi! love it!

  6. The octopus dress is very cute:)



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