Beach Walk

minot beach winter

Cable Knit Jumper, Ralph Lauren [similar] // Oxford, Ralph Lauren // Jeans, American Eagle // Pearls, Lauren Ralph Lauren //  Stag Crossbody, Monsoon/Accessorize [similar] // Boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren [similar]

Growing up, I spent every August in a New England beach town. I remember the first year I visited in the fall, when the temperature had dropped significantly, the wind had picked up, and the summer crowds were long gone. It was incredibly quiet and chilly, a different world from the harbor town I had grown up with, but so beautiful and peaceful. Now I make a point to take beach walks throughout the fall and winter, to savor the lack of crowds and brisk, but still salty, breeze.

burberry headband

deer purse

beach pearls

preppy beach look

riding boots

minot beach scituate


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5 responses to “Beach Walk

  1. HOTTIE. Stop being so beautiful. Honestly. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

  2. I love the simple classic outfit! fab boots!

  3. LOVE your style! And that bag is so cute! Thanks for checking out my blog :)
    xx Allie

  4. hippie lace

    you look so adorable :) that cross body purse is a great find!

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