North to South

I am totally ready for sweet home Alabama in this outfit. Or a Taylor Swift concert. Whatever, I like it.

Skirt, Urban Outfitters
White tee, Aerie
Jean jacket, Old Navy
Necklace, handmade
Boots, Sibyl Vane

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9 responses to “North to South

  1. Super summery!! Love it!!! The floral skirt is a great piece to have!
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  2. I think this is so cute! Who cares if it is a little “swifty” – I think it is summery and fun.

  3. i really like the skirt. very fun & summery!

  4. Just lovely! You’d look great at a TSwift concert! I just love her! :)

  5. Iovely pics… very nice style… check me out and give me your impression, I have a new post kisss

  6. Great outfit. Summer is coming to a quick end here in Canada. But this outfit reminds me of my favourite season. I love the skirt and the cow boy boots.

  7. Hey, girl, if it works, it works!

  8. I have that skirt and love it! I wear it all the time. Love what you’ve paired it with!!

  9. That’s an adorable skirt! I love the outfit.

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