Orange + Purple Trending

What do you all think about the color combo?

Photo: WENN

I’ll tell you one thing: celebs seem to love it.  In addition to Jessica Alba, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole, and Camilla Belle have all been seen sporting this trend. Vogue and Marie Claire have also showcased it on recent covers.

To be honest, I didn’t love it at first.  But when I found this purple skirt with orange details on sale for $30 at Free People, and I knew I had this tank from Anthropologie in burnt orange sitting in a drawer and only belonging to one other outfit, I thought, ok I can give this trend a try.

I complemented it with gold jewelry and black crochet TOMS to bring together the other black details in the skirt.  The thing about this combo is the colors are so striking on their own, so I wouldn’t try to add a third unless it’s a neutral or black.  There are also some specks of turquoise in the skirt, but I found that adding any more brights or bolds in shoes or accessories would be pushing it.  After all, I’m still new to this color thing!

What do you think of purple and orange together? What do you think the next bold-color pairing trend will be– or better yet, what are you hoping it will be?



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